Opening day Fermentations on Quadra Island

Our Vision

We at Fermentations want to bring imagination and innovation into winemaking using high quality inputs for your fruits.  We customize your small batch private reserve to just the way you like it.

Our Story

Since 2000, Fermentations has served the Quadra Island community with personalised wine making.  The services we provide help people add value to their fruits harvests, and receiving the wine they want.  Fermentations also has a history of supporting community events and fundraisers.

Fermentations is one of the few businesses on Quadra that service the people in the community year round.  We’re a wine making resource for the community, and carry supplies for the home vintners and brewers.

Meet the Team

Anthony and Jaimie have been best friends for over 30 Years and have worked together quite a few times during that period.

Together they’ve amassed a great deal of operations and customer service experience from their combined work experience.  They strive to provide the best customer satisfaction in the WORLD.

They like to tell their customers “What happens at Fermentations goes home with you”.

Anthony Lum

Owner Operator / Marketing and Product Development

Anthony has been mixing fruit juices for over 25 years, and is now mixing juices and acids for winemaking.  The processes for wine and cider making are similar since they start with the juice quality.

Anthony also is an avid horticulturist starting a small vineyard and orchard in Granite Bay.

Jaimie Duncan

Sales and Operations Manager

Jaimie has been in the Commercial Wine Industry for over 9 Years as a Vigneron with Nevermore Vineyard on Quadra Island, formerly known as Marshwood Estates.

Jaimie brings his expertise to the business with an understanding of Grapes used for wine making and is an excellent resource for customers who grow their own grapes for wine.