Wine Kits /Beer Kits 

Wine and Beer kits offer an authenticly crafted beverage. Red wine kits come with winery crushed grape skins for colour and chewy tannins.  All kits come with select yeast strains to enhance varietal characteristics.

Our beer kits are micro brewery quality.  These kits  use all grain wort and our U-Do kits adhere to the 1516 purity  laws, therefore no adjuncts or preservatives in these kits.

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Wines made from your own Fruits

Let us add value to the fruits of your labour.  We can juice your fruit for you and turn it into a multitude of styles to your liking.

The most popular options are wine, wine Coolers, desert Styled Wines, sparkled wines, and Spritzer mixes etc.

Apple Cider is another popular beverage done in many different ways.  The most common is a “French Styled Cider” which simply means hard cider made from all juice.  The addition of hops used in beer making is used to make hopped cider. We can craft your private reserve the way you like it.

To sparkle or not to sparkle and a dry or semi-dry is your decision. The levels of alcohol is also an option for you. Some like a lower alcoholic beverage and some like it full strength. No matter what you like we can make it for you.

Wine and Beer Making supplies

We carry a broad assortment of supplies for the home vintner and home brewer ranging from ingredients to detergents for different situations.

We order in items not in stock or in our regular inventory to ensure everyone gets what they need to get their fermentation started all the way to the finished product.